Tuesday, 16 September 2014


With the arrival of the warmer weather I find myself craving light, refreshing meals, such as salads and wraps, over carbohydrate-heavy, 'comforting' foods of Winter, such as pasta or soups. Today I decided to whip up a quick Greek salad - my salad of choice - for a simple snack/light lunch. I find that I don't eat as much in Spring/Summer, either, as the weather is warmer (as I have poor circulation, a lot of the time I burn energy trying to keep warm!)

Greek Salaaaaad

I followed this recipe here, and didn't do much tweaking, though I did sprinkle some Oregano leaves on top for more flavour. The best part about it is that it's so easy to make, and doesn't take long at all.

What do you enjoy eating in the warmer months?
Are you a fan of Greek salad like me?

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