Thursday, 3 April 2014


This will be my last post for this month, as I'll be overseas for three weeks, returning at the end of April. I never really know what to take overseas - I feel like there's an art to it, and I'm not one who has packing down to a science! I used to be far more organised - in fact, I'd be the kid who'd start planning for months before the actual trip, writing and rewriting; collating lists of things I'd need, 'the essentials'; what I could potentially buy, etc. Now, the definition of 'packing' is the equivalent of me throwing things haphazardly into a suitcase, hoping that some of it might come in handy, and that I won't have forgotten something I really need.

My makeup bag is no exception:

The breakdown:
Real Techniques Buffing Brush and Stippling Brush
ModelsPrefer Airbrush
EcoTools Deluxe Concealer Brush
B Collection by Bloom Cream Blush for Lips and Cheeks in Barossa Valley
Nivea Daily Face Veil SPF 30
Rimmel Soft Kohl Kajal Eye Liner Pencil in Black
Neways Barrier Cream
Tweezerman tweezers
Clinique Chubby Stick in Super Strawberry
Rimmel Stay Matte Translucent Powder
Revlon ColorBurst Lip Butter in Candy Apple
Chanel Soleil Tan de Chanel Bronze Universel
Maybelline Baby Lips in Anti-Oxidant Berry
MAC Select Cover Up Concealer in NC30
Agnès B. makeup pouch
Natio gwp makeup pouch

The verdict:
Do I really need four brushes? Probably.
Can I really do without a base? If I can get away with it, yes!
Only four lip products? (Am I going to survive?) Oh, don't worry, I'm sure that total will have doubled by the time I return...

See you soon! x

Tuesday, 1 April 2014


The weather of late has been...temperamental to say the least! Lovely sunny days with a gentle breeze quickly succeeded by rainy days with a bitter wind...followed by beautiful weather again. With the chillier weather fast approaching, I thought I'd recap the few products that provided much needed relief and comfort to my skin in Winter last year - and remind myself of what I need to have in my arsenal before Winter hits!

Avène Soothing Moisture Mask - One day I discovered that my regular night cream just wasn't cutting it anymore. Maybe it was my wind-chapped face, or the hot water I used to wash my face with in the shower (naughty, I know)... I'm still not too sure what caused it, but suddenly I found that my face was very sensitive, red, dry, irritated and itchy. I grabbed this on a whim, as it looked thick and hydrating - and gentle enough for highly sensitive skin, and sure enough, within a few days my skin had returned to normal. Over Winter I used this as a 'booster' or a mask for when my face was feeling especially dry or sensitive. I found it also worked wonders on other parts of my body, such as elbows and patches of mild eczema.

Avène Cold Cream Hand Cream - I also toted this around with me so I could apply it when my hands became dry and chapped. My circulation is poor to begin with, and even worse in cold weather, exacerbated by indoor heating and chilly weather outside - therefore hand cream is my best friend! I found this one by Avene to be soothing and hydrating; it absorbed quickly and acted like a moisture-retaining barrier.

Natio Moisturising Lip Balm with SPF 30 and Vitamin E - I know I've already harped on about this sufficiently, but it really is my favourite lip balm. I like a lip balm with SPF even in Winter, especially for those surprisingly sunny days. This one is rich enough for Winter during the day, though I prefer something heavier for night.

Nivea Lip Butter in Caramel Cream - Enter this little tin of scrumptiousness. I loved slathering this on before bed for the scent alone to keep lips moisturised throughout the night. After a while it seemed oddly drying - it seemed to sit on the lips rather than sinking in, but I found it worked well with a wash cloth to exfoliate lips. I would apply a generous layer, before gently buffing lips with a wash cloth soaked in warm water in circular motion. It's of a lovely buttery, creamy consistency and doesn't harden like some other oil-rich lip butters.

Cetaphil Moisturising Lotion - This has been a firm favourite of mine for years now - not too heavy for Summer, but hydrating enough to use in Winter. It's also sensitive skin-friendly and non-comodogenic (doesn't block pores). It has a slight scent that isn't very noticeable or unpleasant. This is definitely one of my can't-be-without skincare basics.

Reniu Coconut Body Lotion - Oh my, this smells absolutely delightful. This is perfect for when my legs need a bit of extra TLC to stop them from being dry and flaky. It's fast absorbing and provides lasting hydration (plus it makes my clothes fragrant, too). I'm not sure where you can buy this from as it was a souvenir from Fiji, though I'd say The Body Shop has some equally delicious coconut-scented offerings.

What are your Winter skincare essentials?