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I thought I'd do a little review on a product I've been using for quite some time now (almost eight months!), Mecca Cosmetica's tinted sunscreen, In a Good Light SPF 30+ (the old version). I first mentioned it some time ago (waaaay back in the beginning), though - believe or not - I've been intending to do a post on this since late 2013, before I even made this blog! (That's why I look a little different in these photos. A bit chubbier.)

It's basically an illuminating SPF, that provides barely any coverage and is quite moisturising. The link above will take you to the 'back story' of why I ended up purchasing this instead of Keihl's BB Cream, along with a brief overview. Simply put, I was after a product that would hydrate and even out my skin, and have SPF. Below are the more "comprehensive" notes.

Pump dispenser
Application and Finish:
It's housed in sturdy plastic packaging, which features a pump dispenser (that can be unscrewed). I find that half a pump is sufficient to cover my whole face, one whole pump is enough to cover face and neck. I usually squirt half a pump on to the back of my hand and apply it to my face with fingers, working in sections. It's of a light, almost-whipped consistency that rubs in easily. I say 'rubs in' rather than 'absorbs', because it remains on the skin, rather than sinking in and disappearing - which, I suppose, is not unusual for a sunscreen. I find it to be very hydrating - not greasy, but perhaps a little 'wet' at first. Even when it has 'dried', it still has a bit of a tacky feel, like moisturiser when it has just sunk in. I'd recommend this for dry-skinned gals, as normal-to-oily skinned chickas may find it too heavy or emollient. Despite its claims to a "matte finish", on the contrary I find it provides a glowy, illuminating finish - which negates the need for a highlighter or illuminator. And it is this illuminating property that makes it sit on top of skin, rather than sinking in, which makes it prone to transferring (most often on to my phone), which is my biggest pet hate! It also has a slight scent which doesn't bother me.

L-R: Before application / After application
Coverage and lasting power:
As you can see from the pictures above, In a Good Light provides barely-there coverage and a whole lotta sheen. Lasting power is around 4-5hours; significantly shorter than a foundation - say, for example, MAC's Face and Body, which lasts a good 9+ hours on me. When I wore In a Good Light to work I found that it practically disappeared about halfway through my shift!

Size and shade range:
It comes in one size - 120g for $50, which is not unreasonable. The new version comes in three shades - Fair, Medium and Dark - but this old version came in only one shade - a neutral fair-to-medium colour with a slightly pink undertone. At first I thought it would be too light, but I found that it adapted to my skintone, and was sheer enough that it was not obvious.

You can see it in action in my most recent FOTD.

Overall I think it's a good pick for weekends and as an everyday kind of product - the SPF was the real clincher for me - though not one that I'd wear to work, unless mixed in with a matte foundation. It's also a great option for Winter, to lift dull, dry skin, though some - particularly oily-skinned gals - may find it too hydrating. Lately I've been considering a tinted moisturiser or BB cream with heavier coverage - perhaps something like NARS Pure Radiant Tinted Moisturiser...

Have you tried Mecca Cosmetica's range of products?
Do you have any tinted-moisturiser-with-SPF recommendations for me?
If so, I'd be more than happy to hear 'em! (:

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