Monday, 1 September 2014


Woohoo, it's finally Spriiiiiiing! Words cannot describe how thrilled I am that Winter is over - I've missed being able to feel my fingers and toes haha. I'm already looking forward to warm breezes and sunny weather.

So, for ages I'd been meaning to do a whole compilation of the many lippies in my possession, but never really got around to it. As the lovely Valentine of This Is Valentine recently reminded me about it, I thought I'd post a 'lippie a day' to coincide with Liptember. Liptember is an initiative that raises funds and awareness for women's mental health during the month of September, through women buying a Liptember official lipstick and being sponsored for wearing it all month by family and friends. The funds that are raised will go directly to the Centre For Women's Mental Health, and Lifeline. Rather than participate this year in all the rainbow lipstick festivities (working it retail, it's not really acceptable for me to show up with flamboyantly coloured lips, such as yellow, green or blue lipstick!), I thought I'd donate money instead, and challenge myself to actually wear the lipsticks/lip products that I've got (rather than merely hoarding a collection). Seeing as I don't actually have 30 different ones, I don't think (*pats self on back*), I'll intersperse them with little overviews/mini reviews - so get ready for a whole lot of lip lovin' this month!

Lippie collection!

Have you heard of the Liptember campaign - or participated - before?
Would you consider joining the cause?

P.S. Does anyone remember how Burt's Bees was the official partner for Liptember a couple of years back? :D x


  1. Thanks for the mention! I have no idea there was a Liptember campaign! But glad that I got to read it here - it sounds like an incredible cause.

    Definitely looking forward to all your upcoming lip posts!

    1. My pleasure! Thanks for the reminder hehe.
      I heard about Liptember a few years back and loved the idea of wearing lippie for a good cause! I think I liked it better when they teamed up with Burt's Bees though (just because I'm a bit biased towards their tinted lip balms ;) )