Sunday, 14 September 2014


Just a mini review on Clinique Chubby Stick Moisturising Lip Colour Balms (L-R: 07 Super Strawberry and 15 Pudgy Peony), which I rather adore. In these last couple of posts, you've probably gathered enough about these fun jumbo Crayola-esque lippies, but I thought I'd compile a little summary for y'all.

Texture: They have a glossy/balmy feel, and glide on smoothly generally-speaking, though in colder weather they do take a little bit of time before melting into the lips - presumably due to the various nourishing oils (e.g. mango and shea butter) that they contain. To me, they are quite similar to tinted lip balms, except with more colour. They also glide over dry lips with ease, and don't highlight flaky bits.

Opacity: These are actually rather opaque for what they are - semi-opaque would be more accurate (refer to Day 12 and Day 13 to see what they look like on). They are pigmented enough that I wouldn't apply them without a mirror, though some of you talented ladies probably could! They can also be 'dabbed' on for a sheerer hint of colour, though I usually use them like I would a crayon.

Hydration: These are wonderfully moisturising and balmy, and have a bit of slip, so they don't give off a weird, uncomfortable feeling if you rub your lips together frequently, which I tend to do! That said, they can leave my lips feeling a little dry if I don't reapply after wiping it off my lips or after eating/drinking.

Longevity: As they are so hydrating, they don't last for too long - maybe an hour or two with careful  (very careful) eating and drinking.

Price: $35 for...? (I couldn't find it on Clinique AU website, but according to Sephora, it's 0.1 oz, so around 2.8g, which is kinda steep if you think about it!)

Other notes: I find the twist-up design super handy - no sharpening required, and also love that they come in so many colours (16 in the regular Chubby Stick range, plus 8 in the 'Intense' range). They are also quite handbag friendly and portable - and have no discernible scent.

Are you a fan of 'jumbo pencil' style lippies?
Have you tried these Chubby Sticks? x

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