Monday, 8 September 2014


I had my exam today! So here's a quick review of Burt's Bees Lip Gloss in 239 Spring Splendor that I wore yesterday. First up, let me clarify that this is just a regular, basic lip gloss - none of this fancy liquid lipstick business!

Texture: It is kind of thick, but thankfully it's not too sticky or goopy - my number one hate in a lip gloss! It goes on smoothly, thanks to the doe foot applicator. It also has tiny sparkles in it, but it's very fine - there are no gritty chunks of glitter, just subtle shimmer. It can feel a little grainy once it's dried down a little, or if I reapply after eating without wiping my lips properly first (think 'biscuit crumb' kind of gritty. *shudder*).

Opacity: I'd say that it's sheer to semi-opaque, but definitely not clear. I'd also guess that the darker colours would appear to be more pigmented, compared to the more neutral, lighter shades.

Hydration: It's moisturising enough for a lip gloss, though can become drying if I don't reapply after eating and drinking. Because it doesn't have a lot of glide, I find that it stays put better than really 'glossy' lip glosses.

Longevity: I suppose you can't expect too much of a lip gloss in the long-wearing department. This one lasts for about an hour on me, without eating or drinking. I'm not a huge fan of lip glosses though, so chances are that I'd have wiped it off (or eaten it off) before the one hour mark.

Price: $17 for 5.9g

Other notes: This has a sweet scent to it, kind of vanilla-y, that's not unpleasant.

Overall, I think this is a lipgloss that does the job - I'm not enamoured with it, but I don't have any complaints, either - and the price is not unreasonable compared to other lip glosses on the market, such as offerings by L'Oreal and Maybelline. I do appreciate that it contains natural ingredients, though, as eating off lip products are practically unavoidable.

Have you tried this lip gloss? Did you like it or loathe it?
Any other recommendations? x


  1. I hate sticky glosses too! My hair is always gone and it often gets stuck onto my lips if the gloss is too sticky!

    I find glosses overral aren't very moisturising, so I've started to drift away from them! I used to really like Clinique lip glosses!

    1. Haha, yes! Lip gloss + windy days = disaster :P I've never really been into lip glosses either (it's just lip balm that's my weakness!) Clinique lip glosses are nice, though I could never justify spending that much on lip gloss.