Monday, 30 June 2014


I'm alive! Sorry it's been dead this week - I got sick again, believe it or not. (I know - I can scarcely believe it myself. I haven't a clue why my immune system has been so pathetic of late!). I blame the freezing gale-force winds (and my own stupidity for spending so much time outside, despite the weather). So this was a week of runny nose, sore-ish throat, and little comforts, though thankfully I'm feeling much better now:

Clockwise from top:
Ecoya Sweet Apricot and Orange Blossom Candle - Yes, I've had it a little while now, and this week I finally burnt it instead of merely sniffing it! I have to say that its scent is prominent enough when unlit, and lighting it was somewhat disappointing for me, as it wasn't distinctly more potent. I've found it a nice accompaniment to reading, as a way to wind down after work.

Clinique Dramatically Different Moisturising Lotion+ - I've also had this for nearly a year now - it had previously been sitting on the shelf during the warmer months as it is quite emollient. Now that the weather calls for something more moisturising, I find this fits the bill perfectly. It's lightweight, easily absorbed, kind to my sensitive skin and rather hydrating. You can expect to see this one again soon.

Pretty Powerful by Bobbi Brown - I've been taking it easy this week, to give myself the best chance to recover (after learning the hard way from past experiences). I headed to the library with the intention of getting lost in the pages of all kinds of books, when I came across this. I've been meaning to read it for a long time now, and I'm glad I finally got the chance to. I love Bobbi's books for their detail and photographs - and her writing style, which is frank in clarifying the essentials and the 'nice-to-haves'. More to come on this one.

Reese's Peanut Butter Cups - I concede that I may be slightly obsessed. I'd thought Reese's were not available here, and tried Whittaker's Peanut Butter block, which I thought was the next best thing, but I came across these the other day. I must say that I have newfound respect for Aldi! Trust me, they're goooood.

Nuxe Rêve de Miel - I know I've waxed lyrical about this already, but I thought it was worth a mention again. With consistent use, I've found that its texture has changed a bit. I don't know if it's just mine, but at first it was hardened at the top, and creamier underneath. It went through a 'melty' stage, and a 'lemon curd' stage, and now it's kind of in between the hardened top and creamier middle. Strange. But consistency aside, I haven't any issues with it.

Soothers Refresh medicated throat lozenges, Forest Berry flavour - These are quite nice - I saw that they'd released a new flavour and thought I'd try it. These have been 'soothing' for my throat while at work - talking to people for 5+ hours really wears me out!

Confidence Aloe Vera tissues - You know the drill! Though I think I prefer Kleenex...

Hope your week was better than mine! x

Monday, 23 June 2014


A week of rediscovering old loves, and slowing down on the debit card damage...

kikki.K pencil case and notepad - On a whim I walked into kikki.K, seeing that they were on sale, and ended up walking out with these two. Which made me realise that I really shouldn't go 'window shopping'... But I do see myself getting a lot of use out of them, so I'm not beating myself up about it just yet (only time will tell?). And I'm on makeup ban, after all that haulin' (well, with the exception of, maybe, a NARS concealer...)

Batiste Diva Dry Shampoo - I've been using this to extend time between washes - but only when I absolutely have to, as I mentioned yesterday (what is Third Day Hair, anyway?). You could say that it trumps Cedel's offering based on scent alone, though I find that Batiste also works better on my hair - when applied overnight and massaged in well, that is - to remove the chances of discovering unsightly white streaks or patches.

MAC Fluidline in Black Track and Ecotools Angled Eyeliner Brush - I recently rediscovered this duo, having only used them a handful of times in the five-ish months that I've had them. They are fiddlier than, say, a pencil, but I suppose that's the trade-off for longer lasting eyeliner. I guess I'd subconsciously labelled them as 'too much effort', because when I dusted them off again this week, I was surprised to find that they applied with ease. They lasted a decent several hours, which is quite a feat for someone who touches their eyes as frequently as I do! No doubt I'll be pulling this one out more...

Neways Firm Up - My go-to 'night cream' for these cooler months. It's wonderfully hydrating and smells equally scrumptious - and a little goes a long way. That is all.

Lindt Creation Sublime Mint Chocolate - This week's indulgence, and, man, is it good! It's described as "A luxurious layer of mint coulis on top of a soft vanilla truffle bed with crisp pieces of cocoa nib, encased in rich dark chocolate." Yup, it's all that - and more. If you're a fan of mint and dark chocolate: run, don't walk!

Happy Monday! Here's to a brilliant rest of the week :) x

Sunday, 22 June 2014


Ah, where to begin with dry shampoo? That so-called 'miracle worker', 'shampoo in a can'... Admittedly, I'm kind of on the fence about it.
'What?!' you scream, 'Don't you understand the brilliance of such a product? It makes my dirty hair look clean, and my clean hair look dirty*!' Um, yeah, I hear ya. A gym bag essential, fo' sho'! But my major gripe with dry shampoo - aside from it being chock-full of chemicals and nasties (well, stuff that doesn't seem to be too chummy with my scalp), is that it makes my hair grosser than it was before. Sure, it takes some of that 'oil slick' look away, but feels pretty darn grotty. You know that feeling when you rake your fingers through your hair and it's all kind of stuck together in a greasy mess? Yeah, that's what I'm talking about. (No? You lucky thing!) So I try not to use it too often.

L-R: Batiste Diva Dry Shampoo, Cedel Dry Shampoo for Dark Hair, Batiste Cherry mini**

Usually I wash my hair every second day, but I couldn't last night, so today I experienced the rare phenomenon known as Third Day Hair. And I had to admit that I was running out of ideas - I can usually only get away with wearing my hair down the day after washing it, and my hair is always up the day after! Today I settled for a kind of 'side-twist, bun thing'.

I've only ever tried the dry shampoo offerings from Batiste and Cedel - my very first dry shampoo purchase was a mini can of Batiste's Blush, which had quite an overpowering scent (which I overlooked due to its post-PE hair-freshening prowess) - and I can't say I've ever really been blown away. (I suppose this is the part where I say "Until now!" and streamers and confetti fall from the ceiling...) Though I guess Diva is as close as it gets.

The worst thing about having black hair is that the dreaded 'grey streaked'/'random grey patches' look is something I'm all too familiar with! Even Cedel's Dark Hair offering, I found, was more of an ashy grey-brown, which was perhaps subtler than good ol' white, but nonetheless noticeable in my hair. I suppose I should accept that it's a losing battle.
I realise that I've diverted from what I was originally intending to talk about (i.e. Batiste Diva and Cedel), so in an attempt to make things clear (to both myself and to you, dear reader), I'll list my thoughts in a different format:

The Product: Batiste Diva Dry Shampoo
What I liked: 
- The generous amount of product
- The affordable price
- The "heady, oriental" scent (though stronger than what I'm used to, it's more in line with my tastes, and doesn't linger for too long)
- Makes my hair feel 'fresher' (absorbs grease)
- Gives decent volume (not a lot, as my hair is quite heavy and straight-ish)
- Doesn't make my hair lank

What I didn't like:
- The white colour of the product (which means I have to make sure it's distributed properly)
- Makes my sensitive scalp a bit itchy (but a given with all dry shampoos, it seems)

The Product: Cedel Dry Shampoo for Dark Hair
What I liked:
- A good size for travel
- Makes my hair feel fresher

What I didn't like:
- THE POWDERY 'GRANDMA' SMELL (probably the biggest deal breaker for me - I just can't stand the smell of it!)
- Makes my hair lank and gross if I don't distribute it properly

Overall, Batiste Diva is a decent product that does the job, while I view Cedel as a product that would be my last resort, dry shampoo-wise. The scent of it is unbearable for me, which is partly the reason why, though it'd be nice if the colour was less of a strange ashy brown.

With Batiste, I applied a generous amount to my hair the night before (mainly sides and top of head), and awoke to find my hair less gross (with no whiteness in sight) and lightly scented. I've also heard recommendations to blast your hair with a hair dryer after massaging in dry shampoo for 'better results', though when I tried that a while ago with Cedel, it just made it 'set' - so about a million times harder to disperse those unsightly grey-brown streaks!

I think dry shampoo is one of those things that will take time to get the hang of, much like foundation application or winged eyeliner. For now, I take it as a product that comes in handy for those Third Hair Days, but not really a 'holy-grail' or 'can't live without'. I'm also interested in trying Klorane's and LUSH's versions...

Behold - side view of the 'side-twist-bun-thing'...

*For that 'sexy dishevelled bed-head look', of course!
** I only included this one because it's so cute and handbag-friendly :D

Do you use dry shampoo regularly?
Any recommendations? :)

Thursday, 19 June 2014


Say whaaaat?

'Oil pulling' is basically extracting bacteria that reside in the mouth using oils. I'd never heard of it prior to reading an article about it on Primped. Boasting a plethora of benefits, such as whiter teeth, stronger teeth, gums and jaw, disease prevention, and general detoxification, I thought I'd give it a try - after all, there's really nothing to lose, right?

I chose to use coconut oil (the Niulife one picture above, which I bought from my local health food store), as it didn't have a strong or unbearable taste, though apparently you can use other oils such as sesame or virgin olive oil. I began with a teaspoon and a half-ish (the coconut oil had hardened so it was difficult to measure). I don't bother melting it beforehand, as it melts in my mouth. I aimed to scoop out enough to fill my mouth once melted (kind of like taking a large gulp of water - but not drinking it). Once melted, I swished it around my mouth like I would a mouthwash, for five minutes. Primped recommended starting at five minutes and building to twenty, though I found it difficult to reach five! You're not supposed to swallow the oil as it contains the toxins that you're trying to remove, which was mostly not too difficult for me, though it does get a bit tedious keeping liquid in the mouth for such a long time. Five minutes doesn't appear to be a long time, but it seems to drag... Afterwards, I disposed of it in the bin and brushed my teeth as normal.

I found that my mouth felt cleaner afterwards, though not sure if it's just because it acted like a pre-brushing rinse. After skipping it for a couple of days, I definitely noticed the difference. My mouth just felt kind of gross in comparison. Though I haven't been 'oil pulling' consistently enough to experience the benefits, I'll admit I'm kind of on the fence about this one. On one hand, there are potentially many health benefits to be reaped, but - and I know how lame it sounds - I'm not sure if I can spare the 5-20 minutes to swish!

Have you tried 'oil pulling'?
Will you be swapping your Listerine for oils any time soon?

Tuesday, 17 June 2014


After making the cobb loaf a fortnight ago, I thought I'd give cooking another go - this time a middle Eastern 'breakfast' called Chakchouka, featuring tomato, onion and capsicum. Think of it more as a salsa, rather than poached eggs...
I followed this recipe from, and while 'successful' to some extent, mine didn't turn out anywhere near as pretty as the photo!

How the photo from looked:

How mine looked:

Hmmm... I suppose I need to work on presentation...

I followed the instructions exactly (though I omitted the fresh chilli and used chilli flakes instead, so it wasn't as spicy), and although users in the comment section recommended only using one and a half cans of tomato, I used two, as per the instructions. It was more liquid-y, I suppose, but it didn't really bother me. I've been having the left overs on lavash bread, which I bought to have with it - it's lovely with avocado. Next time I'd probably not poach the eggs unless I was eating it immediately. Cold eggs the next day aren't so nice - nor are cold eggs in salsa, for the record! Another way to tweak it could be adding mince and making nachos, mmmmm.

If you're a fan of salsa or spices, I'd recommend this for a healthy meal (to me, it wasn't really a 'brekkie' kind of dish).

Monday, 16 June 2014


A week of...more haulin'. They see me haulin', they hatin'... Well, my bank balance ain't looking too impressed, either. I'd better make more of an effort to shop my now-burgeoning stash!

LUSH It Started With a Kiss lip tint - This has been a lovely alternative to a bright lippie, especially when applied sparingly. It wears comfortably, goes on evenly, and fades well, too. I just hope it doesn't end up drying or going grainy like the last two I've tried!

Sussan Pom Pom Socks - Aaaaaand the pom pom socks have finally come out for Winter! They're a bit of a novelty, too, I suppose, and they keep my feet, and ankles, nice and toasty. I seriously have the worst circulation - can't wait for Winter to be over already!

Lanikai Ukulele - Meet my new baby. She has a gorgeous, warm sound, and is great to play. Perhaps there might even be a musical interlude in the near future...? :O

Bourjois Shine Edition Lipstick in 23 Grenadine - Is this...another lip product?! Sorry, I couldn't resist! The glossy/balmy nature of this makes it perfect for Winter, as my lips aren't in the best shape. It doesn't cling to flaky bits of lip skin (sorry, gross!) and has quite impressive staying power for something as moisturising as it is. I like to pat it on to my lips for a subtle wash of colour, like so.

And still going strong from last week:
Mecca Cosmetica In a Good Light - I completely understand if you're sick of seeing this one, given the frequency of its appearances here! But it'd be wrong of me not to include it, when it's the only base I've been wearing as of late... It really is a great 'all in one' - moisturiser, sunscreen, illuminator - a lazy girl's dream!

Nuxe Rêve de Miel - I think this has almost matched Nivea Lip Butter's numerous appearances on here, as well. I am pleased to announce that underneath the hardened top lies a creamier balm, consistent with lemon curd... Mmmmm. This is the only balm I've been using lately.

bareMinerals Correcting Concealer in Medium 2 - Last week I mentioned that I was experimenting with application, and I've found that fingers work equally well for when I'm not overly bothered (lazy girl, remember? :P) It provides decent coverage, and its powder finish gives it lasting power, though I prefer to apply it over something moisturising first, so it goes on smoothly.

Happy Monday! Hope the rest of the week goes swimmingly (: x

Saturday, 14 June 2014

#FOTD 6 //

Testing out some newbies today!

...And so far, I'm impressed.

The breakdown:
Mecca Cosmetica In a Good Light applied over face - I've raved about it before, so I'll refrain from repeating myself.

Tarte Amazonian Clay Blush in Natural Beauty applied on cheeks with Real Techniques Stippling Brush - I'm seriously impressed with this one! It looks a bit intimidating in the pan, but when applied with the Stippling Brush, gives a really pretty reddish-pink flush. (It's got more red-toned in person - my camera doesn't capture it very well.)

LUSH It Started With a Kiss lip tint - This is my third tin of the stuff (the first couple ended up becoming all hard and grainy, so I took them back to LUSH and the lovely peeps there kindly exchanged them for another one). Third time lucky? Anyhow, this is a gorgeous, smooth lip tint that can be applied sheer, or built up to a full, strawberry-red. (Applied over a layer of Nuxe Rêve de Miel). This is also more red-toned in person, and a lot brighter.

bareMinerals Correcting Concealer in Medium 2 - I'm learning how best to apply this one. I find that it goes on well when applied over some kind of moisturising base, e.g. day cream or In a Good Light. I like to blend it in with the Ecotools Airbrush Concealer Brush, then pat away any harsh lines or edges with my finger. I find that the warmth from my fingers helps it to melt in nicely.

Rimmel ScandalEyes Shadow Sticks in 008 Bad Girl Bronze (top) and 011 Bluffing (bottom) with Bluffing applied over eyelid and Bad Girl Bronze applied on outer 'V' - I wrote about these in my last post, and I find that they accompany each other rather well! They are creamy and quite long-lasting - even more so when applied on dry skin. I find that it takes longer to 'set' when I've applied foundation to my eye area. I like that Bad Girl Bronze is a lovely warm chocolatey brown, though not so much a fan that it comes across practically identical to Rimmel ScandalEyes Waterproof Kohl Kajal Eyeliner in 012 Bronze in terms of colour. I like that the tip is tapered enough to use as eyeliner (just), but wide enough to use all over the lid. It's not like trying to colour in your entire eyelid with an eyeliner pencil (which feels totally weird and futile...)! A good all-rounder, I think.

Cheers to the weekend! What are your plans? x

Thursday, 12 June 2014


It's a loooong story...but basically ASOS has stopped providing free shipping on all orders - only on orders over $30. And I had a $10 off voucher to spend on 'purchases over $20', so I ended up buying more to take advantage of both $10 off and free shipping... #stereotypicalasian.

Hence, the 'mini haul':

The case slots into the middle / Yup, you can see the lint! (Gross...)

Tangle Teezer Compact Styler 'Feline Groovy' - You may remember this being featured a little while ago, in a list of items that sparked my interest. As I mentioned before, I haven't brushed my hair for years, as my hair is quite thick and naturally voluminous (not the typical sleek-and-poker-straight Asian hair), and often looks worse after I've brushed it! This unique brush has been raved about by just about everyone - from Emma Watson to Facebook friends, so I thought I'd give it a shot. And does it deliver? I'd say it does. Now, I don't really have huge expectations of my hairbrushes - they just have to detangle and smooth and, uh, not make my hair look worse than before brushing... I haven't tried it on wet hair or in the shower, but it did a good job of getting the knots out of damp-ish hair in a relatively pain-free manner. I like that it fits in my hand quite comfortably, and comes with a cover so I can throw it into my handbag without worrying about the bristles getting stuck on things. The only thing I'm not so keen on, is that it collects lint quite easily. After using it less than a handful of times I was already googling how to clean it!

Rimmel ScandalEyes Shadow Stick in 011 Bluffing - This is a handy little (well, jumbo!) eyeshadow pencil that does last for an impressive few hours (I didn't test out whether or not it lasted for 24 hours). It's easy to apply and blend, and grips to the skin well, without causing discomfort. You can't dawdle when working with this one, though - blend quickly, or there'll be a fair bit of resistance and drag. It also washes off easily with cleanser and warm water - no need to pull out the heavy-duty Swissper Eye Makeup Remover PadsBluffing is a pretty mink-pink-meets-mocha shade that works well as a base, or even as a 'one swipe wonder' for minimal effort days. My only gripe with this otherwise-nifty prod is that it requires sharpening. #lazygirlproblems

Rimmel ScandalEyes Waterproof Kohl Kajal Eyeliner in 010 Silver - I can't say that I've tested this out on my lids just yet, but I've got another one of these in 012 Bronze, which used to be a favourite (I'm a fickle creature, aren't I?) From memory, it does have good lasting power* and applies well.

Ingredients listing

Ingredients listing cont'd
Bourjois Color Edition 24hr Eyeshadow in 05 Prune Nocturne - You know my penchant for burgundy eyeshadow! This one is in a cream to powder formulation - one that I don't have, and can therefore justify purchasing. It really is the most gorgeous shade of plum - the swatches below don't do it justice (it swatches truer to the colour in the pan - see pics above - more purply, rather than a muddy reddish-brown). I've read a few reviews where it's been pointed out that it applies sheerer than it appears in the pan, which is true, and which doesn't bother me, as it means that it can be built up to greater intensity or worn as a light wash of colour.

Swatches L-R: Prune Nocturne, Bluffing and Silver
Swatches on top of hand blended (apologies for my sickly, cold hand!)

*A final note on the longevity of these three products swatched above - yeah, they do live up to their names! Perhaps not '24 hours', but these swatches lasted several hours, and didn't come off fully in the shower, even with body wash and a bit of scrubbing on my part. Impressive.

Have you tried any of these products?
Are you a fan of ASOS for beauty shopping?

Monday, 9 June 2014


A week of chillin', adventurous foodie-ing, catchups with friends, and sneaky purchases.

The goods:
Wittner Kissable Heels in Nude Patent Leather - These were my sneaky purchase this week. With all the 'EoFYS' and 'Mid-year Clearances', it's been pretty tough not to cave! I was drawn to the cutouts, which are a little out of the ordinary, the comfy block heel, and the pretty shade of nude (the photos don't do it justice). Seeing as I don't have any pairs of nude heels, I figured it was justified. (Right? RIGHT?!) These may just become the nude counterpart to my favourite black Wittner heels - only time will tell!

Nuxe Rêve de Miel - This has been my lip balm of choice this week. It seemed to be a good match for the citrus tart we had for dessert last night... Last week I mentioned my first impressions, but you can check out the full, non-abbreviated, updated post here.

Mecca Cosmetica In a Good Light SPF 30+ - I've found this to be lovely for the cooler, windier weather, as it is hydrating and illuminating - plus, it's got SPF, which is a must! This has been my fave 'face base' of late. See it in action here and here.

bareMinerals Correcting Concealer in Medium 2MAC Select Cover-Up Concealer in NC30 and Ecotools Airbrush Concealer Brush - Lately I've been struggling with my concealer options, as I'm in need of something more hydrating as my skin becomes drier. I only just got the Correcting Concealer, and I find it to be quite thick and creamy, though I'm on the fence about its cream-to-powder finish. With my usual MAC concealer, I've been experimenting with different methods of application. I've been testing out various tools, such as fingers, the Ecotools Deluxe Concealer Brush, and the Ecotools Airbrush Concealer Brush, which is excellent for diffusing harsh lines and preventing an unsightly almost 'streaky' finish. I'm still eyeing NARS Radiant Creamy Concealer, but I might make that my last resort.

And I thought I'd also do a little throwback to when the weather was warmer, and the skies less grey, as the rain falling outside it making this Winter seem rather dreary already...

This photo was taken by my talented pal, Chris (who started his own photography company, Too'Eazy Photography), on a gorgeous Sunday afternoon in April. Ah, I'm wishing we still had that lovely summery breeze.

Hope you're enjoying the long weekend (if you're in Aus)!
What was the highlight of your week? x


I finally made the admission that my go-to lip balm of late, Nivea Lip Butter in Caramel Cream, was not cutting it anymore. I'd been putting off reaching for Nuxe Rêve de Miel as I already had four lip balms in rotation (um, seriously!) - Elizabeth Arden's Eight Hour Cream Lip Balm, Maybelline Baby Lips, Maybelline Tinted Baby Lips, and Nivea Lip Butter - though it got to the point where none of them were 'heavy duty' enough. Enter Nuxe Rêve de Miel.

Ingredients listing

I'd previously heard about this little pot of goodness from sleepandwater and Essie Button, who described it as her 'holy grail x infinity'. For a lip balm fiend like myself, that was all it took, really. I searched eagerly for it in local chemists and pharmacies, and was intending to buy it from Feel Unique as my last resort. Though I did not find it on the website, I ended up purchasing it from Priceline, where it was slightly discounted (it retails for $20AUD). It's been sitting in my drawer since.

I recently mentioned my first impressions of this lip balm when I'd just cracked it open, so to speak.
It has a faintly citrusy scent and reminded me of lemon curd. The top of mine had hardened slightly, most likely due to the cold weather. Underneath that, it was somewhat 'creamier' in consistency.
It has an almost waxy texture - definitely not the plush, creamy balm I had anticipated in the beginning. I find there is some resistance when I rub my lips together, not so much 'glide'. It's also a 'matte' balm, which makes my lips look natural, and means it stays on much longer than, say, Nivea Lip Butter, or other shiny/glossy balms. It lasts well through eating and drinking, and I only need to reapply every few hours (rather than every few minutes!).

It kind of had a 'MLBB' effect on me, though I can't fathom why, and left no white cast. When I applied it before bed, I woke to find my lips less dry and cracked. They were kind of at that smooth phase right after lip balm has been absorbed and just before the need for reapplication, if that makes any sense! I would say that it locks the moisture in and provides protection from the elements rather well. My usual practice is to smooth on the tiniest amount - a very thin layer - on to my lips, as a little goes a long way. At this rate, the 15g jar will probably last for an eternity!

On a more superficial note, it's housed in a pretty frosted glass jar with a plastic lid, which is aesthetically pleasing, but somewhat heavy to lug around (compared to twist-up lip balm or tubes that can easily slip into the pocket of my jeans). Therefore, mine usually resides on my dresser or bedside table.

Overall, Nuxe Rêve de Miel is the most intensive balm I have at the moment - long-lasting, hydrating, and does not require frequent reapplication. I can see it fast becoming a 'can't live without' essential in these Winter months.

Have you tried this matte lip balm?
What are your thoughts?

Saturday, 7 June 2014

#FOTD 5 //

Who said FOTD's had to be serious affair?

Today was a pretty chill day - the kind of day that encourages me to experiment.

('Scuse the eye bags...)
*I had my hair in a ponytail, hence the random bits of hair sticking out!

The breakdown:
1. Mecca Cosmetica In a Good Light all over face
2. b Collection by Bloom Cream Blush in Barossa Valley applied with Real Techniques Stippling Brush on apples of cheeks
3. MAC Bronzing Powder in Matte Bronze applied with Real Techniques Contour Brush under cheekbones to contour
4. MAC Select Cover-Up Concealer in NC30 dabbed under eyes with fingers
5. Rimmel Soft Kohl Kajal Eyeliner Pencil in Black gently traced along upper lash line
6. NYX Black Label Lipstick in 105 Cherry patted onto lips (applied over a thin layer of Nuxe Rêve de Miel)

Hope you're having a great start to the weekend!

Friday, 6 June 2014


So a while ago I went a bit nuts on Ria's makeup sale site - you can check it out here.
I've used a few of them already, but haven't properly tested out all of them.

Cue haulage...

bareMinerals Correcting Concealer in Medium 2 - a creamy concealer with SPF 20

Tarte Amazonian Clay Blush in Natural Beauty - a bright strawberry pink
NYX Powder Blush in Desert Rose - a mauvey-pinky-rose

TheBalm Batter Up Creaseless Cream Shadow in Triple Play Mae - a warm cocoa brown, and Grand Slam Pam - a browned-lilac

Wet'n'Wild Comfort Zone Palette - a palette of neutral-ish, cool-toned, buttery powder eyeshadows.

Browbone shades
Eyelid shades (left eyelid shade is more of a shell pink in person)
Crease shades (the left shade is more of an olive brown)
Definer shades (the right shade is darker in person, and the left shade is a pretty duo-chrome)

Urban Decay Primer Potion sample
Kevyn Aucoin eyelash curler

NYX Black Label Lipstick in 105 Cherry - a cream-finish, pink-based red

Have you tried any of these before?
Did you love them or loathe them?