Tuesday, 30 September 2014


I'm reminiscing my first foray into lippie loving today with Avon Glazewear Lipstick in Gypsy Red. It's delightfully creamy and hydrating, and my younger self adored the sparkles. It struck me a couple of days ago - Avon actually seems to do the most unique/'I-don't-even-know-how-to describe-this-colour' shades. Take Gypsy Red, for example. On my lips it looks like a reddish pink, though it swatches like a corally-red, with a hint of orange. Or is it just me? For some reason I've found it a challenge to describe the colours of the Avon lipsticks that I own - is it a cool red? A berry red? A fire engine red? I settled for describing one as 'sangria', though I'm not entirely certain if that was correct, either!

In other news, I've switched (permanently till the colder weather returns, I think) back to my 'Summer combo' from earlier in the year, for my base - i.e. Nivea sunscreen + MAC Face and Body Foundation, as I've found that Mecca Cosmetica In a Good Light tends to be a tad too emollient, and a bit light for my tanned skin. It is a bit of a pain to have to layer the two for the SPF (and to add powder on top to negate the shine...), but for the time being I'll deal with it - and factor in an extra minute or two into my makeup routine! I've also been considering tinted moisturisers with 'built in SPF', such as Invisible Zinc Tinted Daywear SPF 30+, or Becca Mineral Tint SPF 30+ Sunscreen, that are also physical sunblocks. I'm starting to research the different between chemical and physical sunscreens, so please do share if you know a bit about it - it's all a bit science-y and mind boggling to me; (science was never really my forte in school!).

The breakdown:
Nivea Daily Face Veil SPF 30+ Sunscreen
MAC Face and Body Foundation in C3
NARS Radiant Creamy Concealer in Custard
Rimmel Stay Matte Pressed Powder in Translucent + EcoTools Retractable Kabuki
Clinique Cheek Pop in 01 Ginger Pop + Real Techniques Stippling Brush
Rimmel Waterproof Kohl Kajal in 012 Bronze
Kevyn Aucoin Eyelash Curler
Avon Glazewear Lipstick in Gypsy Red

For those in the Southern Hemisphere, I hope you're enjoying the warmer weather!
(And for those in the North, enjoy Fall while it lasts!) x

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