Tuesday, 3 June 2014


Ta-daaaa! The finished product
I'm not very consistent with these, my apologies! I'm just not much of a foodie. But I'm making an effort. I made this cobb loaf dip as a 'welcome home from work' treat for Mother (spoilt much?). It's relatively simple to make, but took me a lot longer than expected (at least it worked out in the end!) Mine was based on two recipes, here and here. I mainly followed the first recipe, though they are very similar, only differing in regards to proportions.

What I used:
  • 1 large cobb loaf, unsliced (I actually bought a cottage loaf, but apparently they're the same)
  • 250g Frozen chopped spinach
  • 1 small white onion, diced finely
  • 250g tub of sour cream
  • 2/3 cup mayonnaise
  • 1 30g packet of Continental Spring Vegetable Soup Mix

What I did:
  1. Thaw spinach and squeeze out excess water. (This took the longest for me - I ended up putting in the microwave on 'defrost').
  2. Combine onion, spinach, sour cream, mayonnaise and soup mix in a large bowl. Refrigerate (for 4 hours or overnight, according to the recipes above, though I only put it in for about half an hour, if that).
  3. Cut a 'lid' off the cobb loaf and scoop out bread. I cut the bread into 2cmx2cm cube pieces.
  4. I then put those bread pieces into a mini oven for 5mins until warmed and slightly crisp. (I think the recipe also recommended putting the whole hollowed loaf into the oven as well, though I found it unnecessary, as it was still fresh.)
  5. Fill the loaf with spinach mixture and serve with bread.
Step 3
Step 3 Part II...
Step 4
What I'd do differently next time:
- Either double the spinach or halve the soup mix, as it was quite salty.
- Buy an extra baguette to go with the dip.
- Not forget to buy the soup mix and have to make another trip (noob! -.-")
Edit: And I'd actually let it sit and refrigerate for the time required, as it combines the flavours and makes the soup mix less salty.

Are you a foodie (or a wanna-be-foodie like me)?
Have you tried making cobb loaf dip?
Which recipe should I try next?


  1. God, this looks absolutely amazing! I can't cook but I'm okay at baking (things that are premixed from the packet and with extensive instructions) LOL.

    I might brave it and make this on the weekend? It seriously looks good yummy!

  2. Haha, it's seriously much easier than it looks (but looks a bit impressive)!
    Baking is equally great, in my opinion! I'm not a brilliant cook, but I'm making more of an effort. Gotta love packet mix ;)
    Yay, let me know if you do, and how it goes :) I found that it's better if you have more than two people to eat it haha - otherwise you have a tonne of dip sitting around... x