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Ah, where to begin with dry shampoo? That so-called 'miracle worker', 'shampoo in a can'... Admittedly, I'm kind of on the fence about it.
'What?!' you scream, 'Don't you understand the brilliance of such a product? It makes my dirty hair look clean, and my clean hair look dirty*!' Um, yeah, I hear ya. A gym bag essential, fo' sho'! But my major gripe with dry shampoo - aside from it being chock-full of chemicals and nasties (well, stuff that doesn't seem to be too chummy with my scalp), is that it makes my hair grosser than it was before. Sure, it takes some of that 'oil slick' look away, but feels pretty darn grotty. You know that feeling when you rake your fingers through your hair and it's all kind of stuck together in a greasy mess? Yeah, that's what I'm talking about. (No? You lucky thing!) So I try not to use it too often.

L-R: Batiste Diva Dry Shampoo, Cedel Dry Shampoo for Dark Hair, Batiste Cherry mini**

Usually I wash my hair every second day, but I couldn't last night, so today I experienced the rare phenomenon known as Third Day Hair. And I had to admit that I was running out of ideas - I can usually only get away with wearing my hair down the day after washing it, and my hair is always up the day after! Today I settled for a kind of 'side-twist, bun thing'.

I've only ever tried the dry shampoo offerings from Batiste and Cedel - my very first dry shampoo purchase was a mini can of Batiste's Blush, which had quite an overpowering scent (which I overlooked due to its post-PE hair-freshening prowess) - and I can't say I've ever really been blown away. (I suppose this is the part where I say "Until now!" and streamers and confetti fall from the ceiling...) Though I guess Diva is as close as it gets.

The worst thing about having black hair is that the dreaded 'grey streaked'/'random grey patches' look is something I'm all too familiar with! Even Cedel's Dark Hair offering, I found, was more of an ashy grey-brown, which was perhaps subtler than good ol' white, but nonetheless noticeable in my hair. I suppose I should accept that it's a losing battle.
I realise that I've diverted from what I was originally intending to talk about (i.e. Batiste Diva and Cedel), so in an attempt to make things clear (to both myself and to you, dear reader), I'll list my thoughts in a different format:

The Product: Batiste Diva Dry Shampoo
What I liked: 
- The generous amount of product
- The affordable price
- The "heady, oriental" scent (though stronger than what I'm used to, it's more in line with my tastes, and doesn't linger for too long)
- Makes my hair feel 'fresher' (absorbs grease)
- Gives decent volume (not a lot, as my hair is quite heavy and straight-ish)
- Doesn't make my hair lank

What I didn't like:
- The white colour of the product (which means I have to make sure it's distributed properly)
- Makes my sensitive scalp a bit itchy (but a given with all dry shampoos, it seems)

The Product: Cedel Dry Shampoo for Dark Hair
What I liked:
- A good size for travel
- Makes my hair feel fresher

What I didn't like:
- THE POWDERY 'GRANDMA' SMELL (probably the biggest deal breaker for me - I just can't stand the smell of it!)
- Makes my hair lank and gross if I don't distribute it properly

Overall, Batiste Diva is a decent product that does the job, while I view Cedel as a product that would be my last resort, dry shampoo-wise. The scent of it is unbearable for me, which is partly the reason why, though it'd be nice if the colour was less of a strange ashy brown.

With Batiste, I applied a generous amount to my hair the night before (mainly sides and top of head), and awoke to find my hair less gross (with no whiteness in sight) and lightly scented. I've also heard recommendations to blast your hair with a hair dryer after massaging in dry shampoo for 'better results', though when I tried that a while ago with Cedel, it just made it 'set' - so about a million times harder to disperse those unsightly grey-brown streaks!

I think dry shampoo is one of those things that will take time to get the hang of, much like foundation application or winged eyeliner. For now, I take it as a product that comes in handy for those Third Hair Days, but not really a 'holy-grail' or 'can't live without'. I'm also interested in trying Klorane's and LUSH's versions...

Behold - side view of the 'side-twist-bun-thing'...

*For that 'sexy dishevelled bed-head look', of course!
** I only included this one because it's so cute and handbag-friendly :D

Do you use dry shampoo regularly?
Any recommendations? :)

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