Wednesday, 7 May 2014


As mentioned in my previous post, Elizabeth Arden's Eight Hour Cream Intensive Daily Moisturizer for Face SPF 15 PA++ (phew, what a name!) was the major standout for me, and a wonderful in-flight companion. It was included in a pack I'd bought from Priceline, along with the cult-favourite Eight Hour Cream and a lip balm, but I was less than keen to try it after excitedly testing out the Eight Hour Cream and being put off entirely by its strong scent and sticky texture. I figured that the Intensive Daily Moisturizer would be equally thick and difficult to spread, but with the added bonus of SPF. On a whim I thought I'd bring it with me overseas, as it was a travel-friendly size - just in case I needed an SPF during the flight. I put it to the test mid-flight when I noticed my skin becoming drier, and was pleasantly surprised to discover that despite having the same off-putting medicinal scent as the Eight Hour Cream, it was light - of an almost whipped consistency - quickly absorbed, and resulted in instantly smooth and hydrated skin. Plus, a little goes a long way - the blob shown below is enough to cover half my face (though I suppose my face is on the small side...) Indeed, it was love at first swipe. I'm still not sure if my adulation for it is simply due to my previous extraordinarily low expectations, but at any rate, this little prod has certainly earned its keep.

What are your can't-live-without products that you were previously wrong about?

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