Tuesday, 11 November 2014


A trip down memory lane...

Back when my brother and I were youngsters mum used to frequently make these little quiches for us as an after-school snack. She grins deviously recalling how she enjoyed sneaking all sorts of veggies and 'good stuff' in there, in order to 'trick' us into eating them, unbeknownst to us! But, I mean, it's not that hard to eat veggies when these quiches taste so darn good...

Mini quiches

These are quick to prepare and simple to make - great for entertaining, or just to treat yourself (#treatyoself) :P

(Yields approximately 24 medium sized quiches)

What you need*:
1 pack of Pampas Puff Pastry (6 sheets)
1 leek, chopped finely
1 capsicum, diced finely
1/2 large or 1 small brown onion, diced finely
Approx. 15 small Swiss brown mushrooms (any type is fine), diced finely
3 eggs
300g sour cream
100g honey leg ham, chopped
Cheese to top (optional)
1 large mixing bowl
2 medium sized muffin trays
Olive oil to grease

*Feel free to switch up the filling according to your fancy!

What to do:
1. Preheat oven to 180 degrees celsius.
2. Combine the leek, capsicum, onion, mushrooms, and ham in a large mixing bowl.

3.  Fold in the sour cream, then beat the eggs in one at a time.

4. Grease the muffin trays. Section the puff pastry into squares and gently press them into the muffin trays.

6. Divide the filling amongst the puff pastry squares.

7. Top with cheese and bake until browned (ensure that the bottoms are also cooked through).

8. Let them cool a little, and enjoy!

What snacks did you enjoy as a child? Do share! x

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