Sunday, 16 February 2014


Hiya! *insert shy wave*
As I don't particularly enjoy Awkward Introductions (e.g. clammy handshakes, polite expressions of interest, intently studying the ground etc. - yep, you know the kind) I'm going to keep this succinct.

I am Chloe, pleasure to 'meet' you. (Phew, at least virtual handshakes don't involve sweaty hands...) 

I suppose now is the time when I attempt to define what this online journal is actually about, or give you some kind of indication as to what you should expect in the coming posts. But in truth, aside from the generic topics* listed in the 'About' section, I'm not so sure myself. You might find out if you stick around! ;) I'll make it worth your while.

Thanks for visiting!

Yours in bright lipstick and shiny objects,
Chloe x

*I mean, really generic...

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