Tuesday, 12 August 2014


From this:

Potato bake

To this:

'Cream of celery' soup

Hmm... Where to begin with this one? What started off as a potato bake ended up as a 'cream of celery' soup. Please, don't ask... Long story short: A potato bake was made and ended up being rather dry and not-so-nice, so celery was added and the whole concoction was blended together...and voilĂ  - cream of celery soup! I can't take credit for the soup part - the potato bake was not to my father's satisfaction, so he took matters into his own hands...


Basically, my mum was browsing the aisles at Coles, came across this and thought it'd be fun to make, because we've never made it before... (probably just an Asian thing haha). So we followed the instructions on the back:

1. Peel and slice the potatoes thinly (that's not all of them, by the way!):

2. Get layerin':

3. Spread the bacon and onion on top:

4. Layering round two:

(And add the rest of the bacon and onion on top)

5. Packet mix, ermm, mixed with sour cream*:

6. Top with cheese and bake uncovered (don't cover it with foil like I did!):

Behold: potato bake!

*Because we stupidly used sour cream (as we had some sitting in the fridge), it didn't come out very creamy. At all. Have you ever microwaved sour cream? Yeah, don't! The consistency is less than appetising to say the least haha (think cooked, somewhat lumpy sour cream - gross).

As a result, dad thought he'd 'save the situation' and make a soup out of it instead.
So he peeled the cheese off and transferred the rest of the potato bake into a pot and added (diced) celery (from memory it was quite a lot - 1 whole one at least). He then blended it all with a hand blender (the ones that look like a stick - I think we've got a Breville one?) until it was smooth, and brought it to a boil. Then he slapped a fancy name on to it - there you have it, folks: "Cream of Celery Soup"! Which, by the way, was very nice served with a warm, crusty bread roll.

Have you ever been 'experimental' in the kitchen?
Do you have any "delicious disasters" of your own? Do share! x

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